People at the heart of Tomorrow's Industry

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About Xarian

Industry designed for People

Xarian was born out of the meeting of three different worlds: manufacturing, computer science and pioneering tech, to offer an innovative and unique solution, combining traditional manufacturing with digital tech : “KOMUGI”. A plug and play product, designed for the manufacturer. Aiming at maximizing value creation, eliminating waste while regaining the control of their data.


Each person at Xarian has 10 years of experience gathered on the shop floor in various fields

Computer science

Agile methodologies adapted for the manufacturing world and supported by experts in this field


Leveraging innovative start-ups to bring you cutting edge technology

Make the right decision, anywhere,

Industry 4.0

Customized Solutions

Your team in the core of your development

Data consolidation

People are
your competitive advantage

We believe that people must be at the heart of tomorrow's factory.

We do not stop the progress, we drive it!

Human intelligence is the most sophisticated system ever created This statement is even more true when we look at systems as a group of people collaborating towards a goal. Systems need to be designed to empower people to make impactful decisions and to influence their future.
Leave the repetitive, hazardous, and tedious tasks to AI, and put the strategic decisions in people’s hands.

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Collective intelligence and smart factory

Instead of industry 4.0 we prefer to say “smart factory”.

“Smart”, because it is your team of women and men who act by making the right decision.

Data visualization allows you to monitor your performance in real-time. Successes and best practices are shared. Roadblocks and difficulties are analyzed, action plans are built and monitored to make sure you learn from previous mistakes.

Information collection is automated so your team can focus on actions!

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Back to a meaningful job!

Collective intelligence promotes delivery and the impact each person is having on their team, giving back meaning to collective success at work. The team is more engaged and creates more value.

Each person in your organisation has finally the ability to understand the overall performance of your company and is achieving a common goal: your development, your growth and their success!

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& Services

XARIAN builds with, and for you, a trusting, professional relationship and a tailored support. Not only based on our core business, industry and technology, but also with the proven efficiency of our tools, working methods, used by a team of engineers and experienced managers, allowing you to juggle with your capacity.

Power to make big things happen in your factory !

Our mission

Building and strengthening your company by empowering your teams to adopt continuous improvement methods.

Xarian’s strength: Being on the shopfloor

One of the main pillars of our company, relies on the strong belief that optimizing processes and solving problems can only be done when we are on the shopfloor to fully understand and grasp the situation in detail.

A professional partner mindful of your business stakes

We implement tailored solutions so you can focus on collaboration based on data.

Our sectors
of activities

Our methodology is agile and adapts to any type of industry, from assembly (railway, aerospace, naval or automotive) to process or transformation industries (pharmaceutical, metallurgy), including the quality requirements of luxury goods.




Aerospace and defence

Chemistry and process

Trucks and bus


Logistics and e-commerce


What our
customers say

Bombardier Transport Procurement & Supply Chain requested Xarian support to implement Komugi. The team is very professional and offered a deep business expertise. The tool is running smoothly and it is such a gain of efficiency for our team!

Procurement & Supply Chain Director

Xarian has always been conducting professional services to its customers with quick response and help from both commercial and technical aspects. we wish Xarian all the best for the future development and keep delivering it’s value

Suzhou Fengshi Metal Technology Co., Ltd

We collaborated with Xarian for the distribution of a new product during the COVID period. We particularly appreciated the seriousness, the rapid understanding of the problem and the responsiveness. Less than a month between the initial contact and the first order!

Managing Director
Streamer Electric AG Designs